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Collage: Abstract Expressionist & Pop

October 18 - December 21, 2002

Press Release

Barbara Mathes Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of an exhibition of collage by Abstract Expressionist and Pop artists of the 20th century. Artists whose work will be shown include Chamberlain, Christo, Cornell, Dine, Gottlieb, Johns, Kelly, Kline, Krasner, Lichtenstein, Motherwell, Rauschenberg, Reinhardt, Rivers, Rosenquist, Segal, Wesselmann and others.

The focus of this exhibition will be an examination of collage as an independent art form, and as an integral component in a composition. Examples will be varied to include both "presentation" pictures, such as Joseph Cornell's Untitled (Nude), c. 1960s, and "working" pictures or sketches, like James Rosenquist's Sketch for Vanity Unfair, 1978. The exhibition will also consider the relationship between traditional collage techniques and more contemporary interpretations. For example, Robert Motherwell's Fockink No. 1, 1958, and Lee Krasner's Untitled, 1955, juxtapose disparate elements and contrasting images or structures against one another for a maximum compositional and coloristic effect, while later works, such as the transfer drawings of Robert Rauschenberg, imply collage in their visual arrangement rather than their physical assemblage.